What are you driven by?


I have the skills and drive to bring your design from concept to production! Experienced in startup environments, skilled in PCB design, system design, and design for manufacturing. My experiences in both electrical and mechanical engineering and highly cohesive teams allow me to integrate well into almost any environment.


I believe that as a team you can truly accomplish anything. It is the talents and passion each individual brings to the group that sets apart "coworkers" from a "team." As a team you can accomplish anything. This is backed by my motto: "Passion Drives Passion."

Inspire others, make them see their own potential, make them believe in themselves, believing in them even when they don’t.


My background as an Eagle Scout and as a FIRST Alumni has truly inspired me to give back more than I’ve received. I have volunteered my time towards many different organizations throughout my life, from museums to animal shelters to local businesses. I also apply my STEM background where possible in community outreach in order to inspire others.

As an engineer, Eagle Scout, volunteer, mentor, entrepreneur, and community activist I have personally experienced the effect one individual can have on someone else’s life. I work to inspire others-like my mentors inspired me. Passion drives passion. 

What are you driven by?


Race cars to tethered drones, exercising dogs at the humane society to FIRST mentoring, and helping improve processes and contribute to business goals at both startups and large scale businesses.
Drone Aviation Corp

Drone Aviation Corp

Electrical Engineer (2014-2018)

As Electrical Engineer at Drone Aviation Corp I was responsible for integrating many key system designs, as well as meeting customer requirements with unique design solutions. I also provided PCB design and bring-up all the way to production. With a focus on DFM (design for manufacturing) to ensure economical use of resources.

Black & Veatch

Electrical Engineer (2018-present)

As an Electrical Engineer at Black & Veatch my primary duties are the application of standard practices and codes for project design, documentation and review of existing projects. I create new designs and construction documents per customer specifications, checking existing designs for accuracy, and learn new technologies for application in upcoming construction projects.

Osprey Racing - Formula SAE

Osprey Racing - Formula SAE

Electrical Systems Lead (2012-2016)

Osprey Racing was a key part of my life, teaching me about true teamwork and passion for what you do. The technical and interpersonal challenges presented rivaled that of any small business, and made me the person I am today- curious, considerate, and driven.

Electrical Engineering Master's Student

Electrical Engineering Master's Student


In concert with my love of learning, I am pursuing a master's degree in electrical engineering. My thesis focuses on the use of FPGAs as high speed timers. FPGAs in this role provide the distinguished advantage of being highly reconfigurable and economic.

JITROV - ROV submersible

JITROV - ROV submersible

The JITROV is a remotely operated underwater vehicle with 4 degrees of movement, streaming HD video, 100 meter diving depth, and a disassemblable frame for easy transportation. Originally built in just 3 weeks this project has continual upgrades and improvements made regularly.

FIRST Mentor and Volunteer outreach

FIRST Mentor and Volunteer outreach

As a STEM professional, my experience and knowledge has allowed me to give back to my community in the most fulfilling of ways. As a mentor for FIRST team 86, local volunteer in Jacksonville both inside and outside of STEM, and an Eagle Scout, my past has taught me the importance of giving back to the community.

Remote SDR antenna

As an SDR (Software Defined Radio) enthusiast, I built and installed a network-streaming RTL-SDR based HF 80 ft dipole antenna system. Using a Raspberry Pi, ethernet to fiber optic media converters, and solar power equipment, I stream SDR IQ data from the antenna to my residence several hundred feet distant.

High Gain Tracking Antenna

This ongoing project involves the use of a large tracking gimbal, directional antenna, IMUs (Inertial Measurement Unit), and video streaming equipment. In an attempt to stream video of a large distance using wifi at 2.4GHz, using a home-built tracking system designed to track a distant object (such as a high altitude balloon).

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